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  • Планирование безопасности

    Наш подход к планированию и разработке стратегии безопасности ERP основан на оценке рисков, которым подвергается бизнес и принимает во внимание: Корпоративные требования...
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  • Корпоративная Безопасность


    Технология CODEFEND позволяет проводить автоматизированную проверку исходного кода приложений с привязкой к используемой технологии и с возможностью написания кастомизируемых...
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  • Ping Identity

    Решение для идентификации и SSO c низкой стоимостью владения. Это инновационное решение может поставляться как облачный сервис (on-Demand) и как решение для интеграции в...
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  • ISO 27001

    Информация зачастую является ключевым активом компании, а ее защита - приоритетной задачей. Получение сертификации по стандарту ISO 27001 позволит сохранить и защитить...
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Платежная система IKoruna прошла проверку безопасности основной платежной системы силами израильских экспертов Comsec Consulting. Проект был осуществлен в компактные сроки, и были получены хорошие результаты. В настоящий момент компания IKoruna внедрила все рекомендации экспертов и работает на высоком уровне безопасности при обработке платежей.

Рекомендательное письмо IKoruna


With the increasing challenge of information security in IT systems, Oracle has chosen Comsec, a professional leader in this field, for a strategic partnership which provides clients with a professional implementation of advanced technologies while strictly maintaining international standards of information security.
Comsec has been our main Information Security consultant for over 5 years, performing various advanced security activities and assisting in implementing a high security level throughout our systems. Comsec has greatly helped us maintain and improve our information security levels in many different aspects.
Out of all the major players in the market, Comsec was the one to engage fully from the initial point of contact until service delivery and ongoing support covering all Information Security Consulting dimensions. Their attitude is professional as well as their attentiveness to our requirements on the professional and management level.
In Comsec, AXA found a professional partner. Comsec’s vision and experience on Application Level Security is complementary to the AXA security policy.
Comsec’s team demonstrated a professional approach and a deep knowledge base in the area of information security. Acute attention was given to the various security aspects involving such sensitive systems. Comsec’s team worked in full cooperation with the Bank’s internal staff during and after projects’ completion.
The services provided by Comsec Consulting were both professional and insightful, and the team demonstrated vast knowledge in the information security field. The recommendations and findings will become the basis for future working procedures and practices.
Partner Communications chose to use Comsec’s services based on its central role and vast experience in the information security market in general and the telecom field in particular. This turned out to be a successful choice. Today, Comsec is performing various information security tasks for Partner, to our full satisfaction.
The professionalism of the security consultants, the ability of covering all information security aspects and their methodologies are the main reasons Bezeq has chosen Comsec as its information security consulting firm.
As a provider of information security management technologies, working with a professional company as Comsec is ideal for us. The combination of our technology, together with the experience, methodologies and professional abilities of Comsec, enable us to provide our clients with end-to-end solutions of managing operational risks in the organizational environment. Comsec's ability to translate technology, methodology and Best Practices is impressive and provides a true added value to clients worldwide.
It gives us great pride to be able to place Comsec’s e-Sure logo on our website - www.exactonline.nl. This certificate is a sign of our ongoing attention to security and keeping our promise to our customers. What’s more, the fact that we feel that Comsec is standing behind us give us an extra sense of strength.
Comsec have performed two separate security projects for Virgin Mobile UK, assisting us to improve our security baseline. They demonstrated a thoroughly professional attitude, strong technical skills with an excellent attention to detail. We particularly appreciated their well-constructed and concise recommendation documents, which were very well received.
Comsec's team professionally consulted Yapi Kredi Bank on its security position, the security level in similar financial organizations worldwide, security best practices and how to cope with security risks and challenges. Comsec's service assisted Yapi Kredi Bank in prioritizing and focusing on urgent security issues, and provided a clear picture of the Bank's security position.
Throughout SITA's long-standing relationship with Comsec, I can personally comment on the outstanding value that Comsec has brought to SITA in the complex field of security. Over the last four years as SITA's Group CIO, I have had the pleasure of engaging Comsec who have provided the expertise in forming SITA's Corporate Security Office, have helped shape our Security Policies and have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with SITA throughout. In a time when many companies loosely talk about 'partnership', I can sincerely say that Comsec demonstrate true partnership by continually going well beyond the call of duty.
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